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Tags: david tennant, ellen pompeo, icons, p&p
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nice ellen icons, she is so pretty ^^
Thanks!=) Yeah, she is, it is a pleasure making icons from her pics=)
Beautiful icons! I love the David Tennant batch.
Really like all the P & P, Ellen and David icons. Saving a couple for later on. Thanks for sharing!!
Very nice! I'm going to take 1 and 2. Of course, I will credit. :-)
Love your style. I took #11 and all of the Doctor ones, too! <3
saving 1 and 21. will credit.
Taking 11 & 21
All David Tennant except 24.
[Credit given; usage will include writing journals, if used.]

Wandering over for the P&P icons, I stayed for the Tennant icons and bypassed the P&P icons completely!

I really liked your use of text in those icons and the colouring; I'm not certain what it was about 24 that I didn't like but I really didn't like it as much as I had the others. I think my favourites are 25-27; David Tennant is just lovely and generous of expression.
Thanks!=)) As a matter of fact, 25-27 are my faves too (25 was the first one I made and still my favourite - only after I did it I had the idea to make a set) and I don't like 24 very much either, but since I made it, I decided I might as well post it;)))


11 years ago

Stealing all the doctor icons! Pretty pretty! Thanks.
Snagging 21 and 26 -- lovely!
*gasp* beautiful.. I snagged one of the P&P ones and a Doc one, wil credit. :)
love 25 and 26 - thanks. credit will be placed.
Oh those are gorgeous. I loved the Colin ones (the best and only PandP in my opinion. Ha ha) and the David ones were just superbe!

Thanks for sharing!

(Tee hee, I'm listening to Colin Firth singing right now.)
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